Jean Houston: The Alternate Universe In Which We All Live (Recording)

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An evening with Jean Houston, in conversation with Terry Patten
Co-Sponsored with Meridian University

This is the video recording of this event, which was recorded on August 3, 2014 in Berkeley, CA. The recording will be available until August 24. Only $12!

jean_terry_200x150If some of the speculations of Quantum Physics are true then there are parallel lives, parallel worlds, parallel realities. Jean Houston will lead us down the rabbit hole to explore these worlds and vistas that lie within ourselves and find ways of tapping into the immense creativity that resides there for personal and social regenesis.

We have levels and layers of potentials that exist in imaginal realms beneath the surface level of consciousness. When we tap into that level of being, we come into contact with a place of radical creativity, a “second genesis” point. At a certain time in our lives, we encounter a choice-point at which we can step out of flatland into a parallel universe with radically expanded possibilities.

This requires using a different set of skills, one lying beneath the surface crust of consciousness. There are ways of tapping in to them and joining a much larger universe. The latest research in consciousness affirms that we live in a holographic universe, simultaneously alive to multiple cross-dimensional strata. This is just one way of talking about the immensity that lies within us, “the beyond within” latency that belongs not just to our own psyche but beyond that also.

In conversation with Terry Patten, Jean Houston will use this evening invoking awareness of this alternative universe and guiding us through exercises that will open doorways into the skills that can make us better stewards of our bodies, minds and spirits, through a multidimensional relationship to space-time. You’re invited to a wonderful evening with real content and useful discoveries.

The Alternate Universe In Which We All Live
An Evening with Jean Houston, in Conversation with Terry Patten
Co-Sponsored with Meridian University
Recorded August 3, 2014 in Berkeley, CA

We will send you the link to the recording in a confirmation email after you register.


Jean_houston2_150x150Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. Dr. Houston is noted for her ability to combine a deep knowledge of history, culture, new science, spirituality and human development into her teaching. She is known for her inter-disciplinary perspective delivered in inspirational and humorous keynote addresses. A prolific writer, Dr. Houston is the author of 26 books including Jump Time, A Passion for the Possible, Search for the Beloved, Life Force, The Possible Human, Public Like a Frog, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, and Manual of the Peacemaker.

Bruce Lipton: The Honeymoon Effect

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Impact Hub Oakland

Rapid advances in neuroscience are clarifying the powerful connections between our interior states and their biological basis. Bruce Lipton was a respected “straight” research scientist, specializing in cell biology, who began to recognize the connections and apply them to his own interiors. As he lit up with energy and enthusiasm he became one of the most sought-after speakers on the relationship of consciousness and biology—the science of using our minds to shift the state of our nervous systems and biology to, in turn, transform our inner states, creating a “virtuous cycle” of creative evolution.

Honeymoon Effect book coverThink back on the most spectacular love affair of your life—the Big One that toppled you head over heels. For most, it was a time characterized by heartfelt bliss, robust health, and abundant energy; a life so beautiful, it was tantamount to manifesting Heaven on Earth.

In this informative and self-empowering presentation, Bruce will take you on a journey of self-discovery from the chemistry of atoms to the chemistry of love. Along the way, we come to understand how the Honeymoon Effect is neither accident nor coincidence, but a personal creation.

The presentation illuminates the mechanisms by which our developmental programming shapes the invisible and unconscious behaviors that create or undermine loving partnerships. The insights provided offer an opportunity to create the honeymoon experience again, this time in a way that ensures a happily-ever-after relationship even a Hollywood producer would love.

Bruce Lipton: The Honeymoon Effect

Thursday, July 10, 7:00 to 9:30pm
Impact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland
Pre-Registration: $20 regular, $12 senior/student/hardship
At the Door: $25 regular, $15 senior/student/hardship
Add to Calendar07-10-2014 19:00:0007-10-2014 21:30:006Bruce Lipton: The Honeymoon EffectImpact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, OaklandBay Area Integralbayareaintegral@gmail.comDD/MM/YYYY


Bruce_Lipton_2_150x150Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution, recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the cell membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas. Dr. Lipton’s most recent book is The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth..

Toward a Unitas Multiplex? Integral, Engagement and the Project of Diversity

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The beautiful principle of radical inclusivity is one of the fundamental tenets integral theory has offered the world. Where many philosophers, mystics and artists have expressed their understanding of interconnectedness, integral theory has provided a comprehensive developmental framework for us to consider as we explore ways of cultivating a vital unitas multiplex (unity of diversity).

To make it easier to register in advance, registration forms are now embedded at the bottom of our event pages.

But what does cultivating a vital unitas multiplex look like in practice, especially when messy psycho-spiritual, cultural and sociopolitical dynamics can reinforce fragmentation and social inequality? How do we work with tribal, traditional, modern and postmodern worldviews that are in conflict with one another? And what might be optimal ways to engage and learn from our diverse cultural identities and communities (i.e., ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, etc.)?

Please join us for an exciting evening of stimulating discussion as we explore some of the ways in which integral practitioners from the fields of psychology, education and business are attempting to answer some of these questions through their work with diverse communities. Additionally, we’ll also draw from the collective wisdom of the BAI community as a means to help determine what the necessary and next steps are for cultivating a vital unitas multiplex.

Toward a Unitas Multiplex?
Integral, Engagement and the Project of Diversity

With Mark Fabionar, Konda Mason and Mark Forman

May 7, 7:00 to 9:30pm
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Pre-Registration: $20 regular, $12 senior/student/hardship
At the Door: $25 regular, $15 senior/student/hardship
All are welcome—no one turned away for lack of funds!


mark_fabionar_150x150Mark Fabionar is currently the Director of Sonoma State University’s Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality and Creativity and teaches courses on culture, values and sustainable management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. For the past eighteen years, Mark has been weaving a cultural framework of poetry, diversity, community engagement and integral leadership into his work as an educator and change consultant. As an internal consultant for the Esalen Institute, he developed integral education and leadership programs for its residential students and staff. This institute-wide endeavor drew from Esalen’s human potential legacy and included the certification of somatic practitioners and instructors, developing workshop curricula with executive coaches, relationship therapists and change agents, as well as implementing a spiritual studies program. Within the California State University system, the largest and most diverse university system in the United States, Mark was instrumental in the creation of a comparative ethnic studies major, a Center for Gender and Sexuality (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), in addition to his recent leadership of the Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality and Creativity (Sonoma State University). As a change consultant, he has trained and advised leaders in the United States, South America and Middle East.

konda_m_150x150Konda Mason honed her business leadership skills as a Grammy winning artist manager in London, an Academy Award nominated film producer in Hollywood, and an Off Broadway hit theater producer in New York…just to name a few. Turning her attention to sustainable personal and global living solutions, Konda partnered with actor Woody Harrelson and founded Yoganics, an organic food business in Los Angeles, where she successfully brought to market the first organic produce section in a major grocery store in the LA area. Additionally, Konda leads ecotourism trips to the Amazon rainforest and is a facilitator trainer for The Pachamama Alliance. She is a partner in Earthseed Consulting, LLC, where she is producing/directing the web series “Green Street Loft”, a program aimed at deepening the connection of the African American community with land, place and the sustainability movement. She was a co-host for the Shift Network’s 2012 Season of Sustainability and is a Certified Permaculture Designer. Konda’s leadership style leverages her innate wisdom with tools of permaculture, sustainable business practices, yoga, storytelling, Buddhist theory, and Integral theory. A human equity advocate, prolific urban gardener, and social entrepreneur, Konda’s work is driven by the vision of realizing in her lifetime a genuinely just and sustainable world. She is the current CEO of Impact Hub Oakland.

mark_forman_150x150Mark Forman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and the author of A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy: Complexity, Integration, and Spirituality in Practice. He is currently the lead trainer in the Certified Integral Therapist (CIT) Training Program, a comprehensive one-year training taught here and in the Bay Area and Los Angeles ( Practicing for the past thirteen years, Mark has worked with children, adults, couples, and families hailing from over 20 different countries. In addition, he has worked with American-born clients from a wide range of backgrounds in terms of age, class, health status, race/ethnicity, early childhood experience, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation. Mark is currently coediting the first ever text on Integral Diversity, entitled Integral Approaches to Diversity Dynamics: Exploring the Maturation of Diversity Theory and Practice. The text will be available in 2015.

Cindy Wigglesworth: SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

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When Daniel Goleman published Emotional Intelligence in 1995, the notion that intelligence could encompass more than the cognitive was considered a new-agey, even radical idea.

Fast forward less than 20 years. Emotional intelligence has moved from the fringe into the mainstream. Goleman’s book spawned a cottage industry that’s elaborated the concept and applied it in many areas of public life. It’s even showing up in corporate training programs.

In 2012, Cindy Wigglesworth published SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence. Based on years of research, SQ21 is the first competency-based assessment tool for spiritual intelligence. What Goleman did for emotional intelligence, Cindy Wigglesworth is now doing for spiritual intelligence.

In this fun and interesting evening presentation, Cindy will provide an overview of the SQ21 method, do some fun exercises, and have a conversation about Spiritual Intelligence with a special focus on developing Skill 4: Complexity of Thinking.

Cindy is a long time student of Integral Theory, psychology, world religions and philosophy. Her work is endorsed by Ken Wilber, Richard Boyatzis, and many others.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cindy, here’s an interview with her on ConsciousNOWTV. If you can’t watch the whole thing, watch the 3 mins. starting at 6:40 where Cindy talks about how she became interested in spiritual intelligence and how it’s made a difference in her life.

SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

Co-Sponsored with Impact HUB Oakland
Thursday, June 12, 7:00 to 9:30pm
2323 Broadway, Oakland (parking info.)
Pre-Registration: $20 regular, $12 senior/student/hardship
At the Door: $25 regular, $15 senior/student/hardship

Add to Calendar06-12-2014 19:00:0006-12-2014 21:30:00 6Cindy Wigglesworth: SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual IntelligenceImpact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CABay Area Integralbayareaintegral@gmail.comMM/DD/YYYY


cindy_w_150x150Cindy Wigglesworth is a researcher and pioneer in the field of spiritual intelligence. She has 20 years of experience in human resources management with ExxonMobil before founding her company, now called Deep Change, in 2000. She is the best selling author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, a book that won the Eric Hoffer Award for best spiritual book of 2013. Cindy has authored the first competency-driven faith-neutral Spiritual Intelligence Assessment instrument for business and personal use. John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market has called her work “the next frontier in leadership.” Cindy has appeared on Oprah, PBS, FoxNews26, TEDxLowerEastSide and at numerous conferences. Her website is

Integral Choir: Community Circle, Sacred Songs

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If you attended BAI’s Holiday Party back in December, you may remember that a brief segment of the evening’s entertainment was group singing led by Dr. Joel Kreisberg. Everyone had such a good time that we’re bringing Joel back for a full evening of what he calls Integral Choir.

To make it easier to register in advance, registration forms are now embedded at the bottom of our event pages.

What does Integral have to do with group singing? More than you might think!

Imagine using sacred songs and movements to illuminate aspects of Ken Wilber’s AQAL model! The Integral Choir is a creative play space searching for your true voice and then offering a container to share it with others. Using a mixture of meditative and state based methodologies, Joel guides participants through sacred songs and movements using call and response. Participants will typically learn ten songs in an evening. The circle provides room to get to know fellow singers and to move and relax to the rhythms. Consisting of two, one hour sessions with a break in the middle, you’ll leave the evening vital and refreshed! This month’s theme is sacred feminine and masculine.

“Group singing is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. It takes something incredibly intimate, a sound that begins inside you, shares it with a roomful of people and it comes back as something even more thrilling: harmony.”
–Stacy Horn, Author of Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing With Others

This may be the most fun application of Integral Theory we’ve ever offered! So leave your notebooks and zafus home and join us for the Integral Choir.

Integral Choir
Sunday, May 11, 5:30 to 7:30pm
Innate Chiropractic Studio
916 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Pre-Registration and At-the-Door: $15 (no one turned away at the door)


joel_k_150x150Joel Kreisberg has been teaching music since his undergraduate years at Wesleyan University. Completing a BA in jazz composition he spent five years teaching music in elementary schools throughout the US. As an integral scholar, Joel is known for his work in integral medicine. Integral Singing directs his attention to healing in a playful group atmosphere. Find out more at

Stephen Busby: Soul Work and Cultivating Higher Consciousness

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We’ve been honored over the years to introduce many speakers who are not so well known but whose work is emerging on a larger scale. In this spirit, we are excited to bring you an evening with Stephen Busby, a visionary leader and teacher whose work is well known in Europe, but who is only recently beginning to work in the US. His appearance with BAI is part of his first US tour.

To make it easier to register in advance, registration forms are now embedded at the bottom of our event pages.

In this evening program, Stephen will invite you to become present energetically to how you move through life: how you lead, love, relate, make choices, move through the day and the cosmos, using a new synthesis of systemic constellation work, somatic presencing and inner tools for evolutionary alignment.

Through short experiential exercises and with space for dialogue and questions, he will introduce his two principle areas of work in the USA: ‘Soul-Work’ and ‘Cultivating Higher Consciousness’. The first is a powerful approach to transformation that will help you to live more of the potential that lies at the level of the soul. For some people this is related to a strong sense of mission in this life that is connected to their larger soul purpose, while for others it will be an exploration of what holds them back from a feeling of full participation in life.

In ‘Cultivating Higher Consciousness’ you will be invited to explore more sensitivity to the subtle dimensions of reality and to hidden information there, creating movement and change in your life and in others. In both of these areas of work we will use deep-field approaches to transformation that are emerging from recent research in consciousness development and evolutionary potential, and will draw too on timeless mystical principles.

Stephen Busby: Soul Work and Cultivating Higher Consciousness
Tuesday, March 18, 7:00 to 9:30pm
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Advance Registration (below): $20 Regular, $10 Senior/Student/Hardship
At the Door: $25 Regular, $15 Senior/Student/Hardship


stephen_busby_150x150Stephen Busby works internationally as a visionary leader and teacher to help people fulfill their life-potential and to facilitate new forms of cultural emergence. He is one of Thomas Hübl’s senior associates and has a coaching, consulting and healing practice. Stephen travels widely and is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, and in northern Switzerland. His work has developed over 30 years with people, communities and organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. He has pioneered new Healing Circles in various European countries as well as work at an international level in the fields of intercultural awareness and conflict transformation, whole-field skills, inner leadership development, and innovation capacity. He was born in England, has lived for much of his adult life in different cultures, and works in English and French. His website is

Two Events with Thomas Hübl on Feb. 23: A Daylong Workshop and an Evening Program

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To make it easier for you to register in advance, registration forms are now embedded at the bottom of our event pages.

We once again have the pleasure of hosting German spiritual teacher, Thomas Hübl, a friend and teacher of many in the BAI community, and one of our most popular speakers the last couple of years.

Half-Day Workshop: Co-creating a Contemporary Culture of Mystical Practice and Discovery

If you’ve experienced other events with Thomas Hübl, you know that you’re in for a deep, experiential dive. But anyone who wants to delve more deeply and experientially into Thomas’s work is welcome to attend.

Thomas wants to explore the thrilling opportunity of our time—with authentic deep mystical practice. We today can actually participate together in the evolution of consciousness. We are evolving a spiritual and cultural environment of engagement with life which allows us to co-create a new culture of mystical practice and discovery.

This will be a shared adventure, more like jazz than classical music. Learning, growing and uncovering what keeps you from living more fully and freely will happen naturally, through exercises, questions and answers.

At this time Thomas is especially excited about the potential for evolutionary spirituality to coalesce a culture of mystical practice and discovery, one that goes to a new level of intensity, inspiration, healing, emergence, resonance, and self-transcendence.

Event Details:
Sunday, February 23, 12:00 to 5:30pm
Impact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland (parking info.)
Advance Registration: $75 (Senior/student/hardship: $60)
At the Door: $90

Register Here for the HALF-DAY PROGRAM


Evening Program: Contacting the Aliveness of Mystical Discovery

We live in a time of thrilling opportunity, because it is possible for us to actually participate in the evolution of consciousness. In some sense all human beings are present in life as a question; this has been the case since ancient times. What is new is that now this question is now being answered through our lives, individually and together, in a remarkable creative process.

Most of the spiritual wisdom and practices that have come to us from ancient times come from monastic traditions. It is important to distinguish it from another spiritual tradition—of a spirituality that is lived in the midst of the contemporary marketplace of work and relationships and constant change.

Today, most of us have chosen a spiritual and cultural environment of engagement with life. This has big implications. When we face them we realize that many confusions have come down to us from our cultural history. We have brought many elements from the monastic tradition into lives lived in the midst of our contemporary marketplace. It is no wonder that life doesn’t work and many people get frustrated.

It is tremendously exciting and inspiring to be able to participate in this creative process. It is also amazing to notice our opportunity to transcend this creative process. Join Thomas Hübl and Bay Area Integral at the Impact Hub Oakland on the evening of February 23 when he will discuss and presence the aliveness of mystical discovery and share the presence of the field it opens up.

Event Details:
Sunday, February 23, 7:00 to 10:00pm
Impact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland (parking info.)
Advance Registration: $25 (Senior/student/hardship: $18)
At the Door: $30

Register Here for the EVENING PROGRAM


thomas_headshotThomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose qualities of uncompromising clarity, open presence and generosity of spirit have profoundly inspired and changed the lives of countless people around the world. His work integrates the essence of the great ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. Thomas has devoted his life to exploring consciousness and the mystical principles that lie behind all dimensions of our lives. He believes the cultivation and embodiment of mystical knowledge is not a luxury for a fortunate few but an integral movement towards evolutionary development and a necessity for our world. More information about Thomas at

The Coming Waves: Dustin DiPerna, Michael Wombacher and Michael Brabant

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
7:00pm – 9:30pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)

  • Pre-Registration: By Donation (Register below)
  • At the Door: By Donation
This is Now a Donation-Based Event!
We want this program to be as accessible as possible. All are welcome even if you cannot make a donation.


Have you felt the POWER of the next generation of Integral practitioners? We can no longer afford to simply think about Integral Theory and pat ourselves on the back for being evolved. We have to live it, embody it, and we have to show signs of our realization and practice in our daily life and relationships.

Join Dustin DiPerna, Michael Brabant, and Mike Wombacher for an experiential evening of dialogue and practice. Wombacher, a long-time practitioner of Evolutionary Enlightenment, along with Brabant and DiPerna, both facilitators of WEpractice, will provide both the conceptual frame and tools you need to blaze the Integral spiritual trail of the future.

As an expression of deep inter-generational collaboration, DiPerna, Brabant, and Wombacher are three of the sixteen contributors to DiPerna’s latest book release, The Coming Waves, Transformation and Action in an Integral Age. Featuring a collection of inspiring articles written by integral thinkers from around the globe, The Coming Waves highlights a bright future for humanity.

With emphasis given to the phrase “Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up” the book outlines a unique example of what it means to be a truly integrated spiritual practitioner in our current times. In its attempt to provide a platform for the next wave of integral thinkers, the majority of authors are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Each author was selected for the particular gift that he or she brings to the larger constellation of writers.

If you want to catch a glimpse of our bright future, this book provides a peek into the new Earth and new civilization that has already started to arrive.

Here are two audio clips from an interview with Dustin by one of the books co-authors, H.B. Augustine:

Clip 1 (2:50): 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Clip 2 (7:45): 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Join us live and get a sneak preview: Books will be made available for purchase for the very first time!

BAI’s Annual Holiday Party

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013
7:00pm to 10:00pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)


  • Advance ticket purchase: $15 (Strongly recommended so we can order enough food and drink!)
  • At the door: $25


Bay Area Integral’s famous Holiday Party is just around the corner and we are ready to share valuable information that will enable you to live your purpose, Awaken, and…

Hang on, we really just wanna have some fun. But here are 3 secrets anyway!

1. Our parties are actually the most “Integral” event we offer all year!
This is where we digest the intellectual nourishment of our more formalized programs and perform the communal alchemy essential to walking our talk. This space is just for us, by us, and about us. No agenda, no promotion, just communion. Integration. Showing up is the primary practice of Conscious Community!

2. There is no “We Space” without YOU!
Our bonds of affection are our most valuable currency. That currency grows as we invest and share, and we can’t do it if we aren’t together.

3. Our Integral conversations are Alchemical!
Come talk about stuff that matters. Our Presence grows with each party, both individually and collectively. The music will be soft (so we can hear each other this time), the food will be yummy, and the company will be Divine! Getting to know one another more deeply will be the focus, so come prepared to encounter the most interesting folks in the Bay Area.

NEWS FLASH! We’ve just added to the program Integral Choir, with Dr. Joel Kreisberg. Integral Choir is… well, you have to experience it yourself. We’ll just tell you that it’s much more than a sing-along, and that Joel has been doing it with groups for years. It will be a total blast!

The word is out in our community… it is time we self-identify as Integral, find one another, and merge our Genius. What better way to let our Integral Freak flag fly than at Bay Area Integral’s now famous Holiday Party? Together we will conjure the sacred intimacy that we have been hungering for.

Please join us for our fourth annual Holiday Party—it’s THE social event of the year for the Bay Area Integral community! Rub shoulders with integral leaders, friends and colleagues, and enjoy good food, drink, music and dancing.

Diane Musho Hamilton: “Everything Is Workable” Bay Area Book Launch

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013
7:00pm – 9:30pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)

View This Presentation by Live Video!

Live outside the Bay Area? Can’t make it in person? No problem! You can view this presentation live on your computer or mobile device. PLUS you’ll have access to the recording for two weeks. Only $12!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting the Bay Area launch of Diane Musho Hamilton‘s new book, Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution.

Diane is a Zen teacher and inspiring integral pioneer. It’s been a while since she’s presented in the Bay Area so we are happy to have her back.

Come to meet and greet Diane, and be among the first to enjoy Everything is Workable in print—signed by Diane if you wish.

Diane will also give a presentation on one of her book’s most important themes, what she calls Evolving Your Practice of Conflict.

Like the intelligence in a dream, conflict has the opportunity to support our development. But it also takes practice, and we have to learn to turn towards it, rather than turn away. Conflict is going to be part of your life—as long as you have relationships, hold down a job, or have dry cleaning to be picked up. Bracing yourself against it won’t make it go away, but if you approach it consciously, you can navigate it in a way that not only honors everyone involved but makes it a source of deep insight as well.

In this engaging evening Diane will give you an experiential taste of how you can:

  • Cultivate the mirror-like quality of attention as your base
  • Identify the three personal conflict styles and determine which one you fall into
  • Recognize the three fundamental perspectives in any conflict situation and learn to inhabit each of them
  • Turn conflicts in families, at work, and in every kind of interpersonal relationship into win-win situations

Diane teaches how to engage conflict with wisdom and compassion, and even—sometimes—to be grateful for it.

Diane’s unique approach unites Zen wisdom and Integral Spirituality with her own story and her experiences as a professional mediator in a way that shows you how to look at conflict in a new way: as an essentially spiritual practice.

diana_hamilton2Diane Musho Hamilton is a gifted professional mediator, author, Integral Facilitator, and teacher of Zen and Integral Spirituality. She has been a practitioner of meditation for more than 30 years. Diane facilitates Big Mind Big Heart, a process developed by Genpo Merzel Roshi to help elicit the insights of Zen in Western audiences. She has worked with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute in Denver, Colorado, since 2004. She is also the co-founder of Two Arrows Zen, a center for Integral and Zen practice in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Michael Mugaku Zimmerman. Diane  is the author of Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution, Shambhala Publications. She is also featured in The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women, Wisdom Publications.

Craig Hamilton: Integral Enlightenment — Living the Evolutionary Life

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
7:00pm – 9:30pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)

  • Pre-Registration $20 ($12 Senior/Student/Hardship)
  • At the Door $25 ($15 Senior/Student/Hardship) New: We now accept credit cards at the door!

We are very pleased to announce an evening talk with spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton on November 13. This is his first speaking event with BAI in four years so we’re delighted to have him back.

Most of us were drawn to a spiritual path because we know in our hearts that a radically different kind of life is possible. Whether we’ve read about it in books, heard about it from spiritual teachers, or had a taste of awakening in our own direct experience, we have a knowing deep within that it’s possible to live a life that is no longer constrained by the unconscious patterns of our personal and collective past.

But if we’ve been on the path for any length of time, most of us also know how challenging it is to truly live a life that expresses our deepest spiritual awakening 24/7. Even for those of us who have tasted the possibility for a more enlightened life, more often than not, we still find that life’s day-to-day challenges pull us back into a less expansive way of being, a less enlightened experience of being alive. We still get caught up in unconscious patterns. We still react emotionally in the face of life’s challenges. We still struggle with worry, fear, doubt and insecurity. And as a result, our daily life rarely lives up to the potential we’ve tasted in our most enlightened moments.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if the depth and freedom tasted in our most profound moments could become the living foundation for every moment of life—even when the going gets tough? According Craig, this possibility is not far away. But it does require a few key shifts in orientation that we may not have considered up to this point. In this evening workshop, Craig will share with the BAI community what he’s learned about the keys to making these shifts, including…

  • A powerful practice you can engage anytime during the day to infuse your life and actions with the boundless energy of evolution itself—and why this kind of “engaged inquiry practice” is often more transformative than silent meditation and contemplation.
  • How to cultivate an “inner compass” that will enable you to stay “on purpose” and aligned with Spirit even when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and complexity of daily life.
  • The profound but simple shift in orientation that will enable you to bring the wisdom and awakening you’ve experienced in your deepest moments into every moment of your life.
  • The three pillars of conscious evolution and why ignoring any one of them will always sabotage our efforts to evolve.

We’re very excited to welcome Craig back to BAI for his first Bay Area public talk in more than four years. Craig is one of today’s most inspired and prolific integral pioneers as well as one of today’s most sought-after spiritual leaders. Please join us for an engaging and invigorating evening.

craig_hamiltonCraig Hamilton is the founder and guiding force behind Integral Enlightenment, a global online learning community serving thousands of people in more than 50 countries worldwide. He is also a founding member of the Integral Institute, a former editor of EnlightenNext magazine, and a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders forum. For the last twenty years, Craig Hamilton has been at the forefront of today’s inquiry into the new “evolutionary spirituality,” or what many are calling “the new enlightenment.” Through his online Academy for Evolutionaries, Craig offers a series of courses designed to help us step beyond the confines of the separate ego and discover the profound liberation, meaning and purpose of a life lived in alignment with the sacred impulse of evolution.

Terry Patten: How Can We Have Truly Radical Conversations in a Time of Global Crisis?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
7:00pm – 9:30pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)

  • Pre-Registration $20 ($12 Senior/Student/Hardship)
  • At the Door $25 ($15 Senior/Student/Hardship)

Since its start in 2007, BAI has produced dozens of programs featuring many of the finest minds and biggest hearts in the international integral community.

The main factor in attracting all this brilliance and wisdom has been the efforts of BAI’s founder, Terry Patten. An integral luminary himself, Terry has volunteered countless hours reaching out to writers, teachers, academics, activists, and others who are making important contributions to integral theory and its many applications. The Bay Area integral community has been immensely enriched by Terry’s efforts.

Ironically, Terry himself has been the hardest speaker for us to book. (It was easier to book Ken Wilber—which we did two years ago!) Although he’s a prolific writer, speaker and teacher, Terry has always shied away from offering his own work through BAI, preferring instead to feature others.

That is why it is truly an honor for BAI to host a rare presentation by our own Terry Patten

How Can We Have Truly Radical Conversations
in a Time of Global Crisis?

Wednesday, October 16, 7:00 to 9:30pm
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley


Eventbrite - Terry Patten: How Can We Have Truly Radical Conversations in a Time of Global Crisis?


Here is Terry’s eloquent description of his talk:

“We are among the luckiest, most comfortable and most privileged people who have ever lived. And we have every reason to trust the amazing resilience of life and evolution.

At the same time, we are facing an unprecedented world crisis—with climate change and other environmental crises coinciding with crises in all human institutions and infrastructure—financial, agricultural, educational, healthcare, political and more.

We face ample reasons to relax and rejoice in gratitude—and also to get very serious.

This evening talk will initiate a powerful conversation, an invitation to get real, but not uptight. In fact, the most real conversation is an awakened and extremely happy one.

Consciousness and culture will only evolve through us and as us. Even if we can’t yet see exactly how, let’s presume that we can actually become the change that unlocks the stuckness, the game in which we are participating that is co-creating this global crisis.

Right now, there are ways that we can shift that can more authentically enact that change; it’s right here and now among us. Welcome.”

Please join us for this timely talk by one of the most passionate voices in the integral world.


terry_large_350x423Terry Patten is a leading voice in the emerging fields of integral evolutionary leadership and spirituality. In his cutting-edge writings, talks, and teachings, he not only inspires transcendental awakening, love, and freedom, but also calls us to accept and incarnate our full humanity. Terry is the founder of Bay Area Integral, a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders group, a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and serves on the board of the Wellsprings Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom. Terry is the co-author with Ken Wilber of Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening. He created the acclaimed online course, Integral Spiritual Practice, and  hosts the online teleseminar series Beyond Awakening: The Future of Spiritual Practice.


Mark Forman on Spiritual Bypassing in Life and Relationships

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
7:00pm – 9:00pm
HUB Oakland
1423 Broadway, Oakland (map)
NOTE: New venue!

  • Pre-Registration: $20
    ($12 Student/senior/hardship)
  • At the Door: $25
    ($15 Student/senior/hardship)

Co-Sponsored with HUB Oakland

Are you suffering a subtle “Spiritual Bypass?”

If you are around spiritual practitioners for any length of time, sooner or later you’ll notice patterns of behavior that feel rooted in something other than a spiritual orientation. The person who professes to be full of love but is really just avoiding their own anger issues. The person who confuses equanimity with emotional detachment. Or the person whose deep compassion is covering up their boundary issues.

It’s called “spiritual bypassing” and it’s very common. The idea of “spiritual bypass” is simple: It’s when we use our spiritual beliefs and experiences as a way to deny our deeper and more sincere life needs. These sincere needs may be around belonging, career, money, power, self-expression, or sexuality.

Instead of facing these needs head on, we—and the people we love—can get sidetracked by spiritual ideals that may not serve us or that may not be true to where we are in our growth and development. This will impact our lives as well as those we are in relationship with, those who rely on us to be at our most real and authentic.

Spiritual bypass can operate in very subtle ways, even in people who think they already understand the idea of spiritual bypassing. Maybe you’ve even noticed some of these tendencies in yourself?

In this evening workshop with leading integral psychologist Mark Forman, we will take a deeper look at spiritual bypass in ourselves and others. This is a hands-on workshop for people of all levels of spiritual experience and from all spiritual traditions. We’ll start with some small group work and discussion about the subject, move on to an interactive presentation, and end with questions and answers.

The goal is to arrive at a compassionate view of spiritual bypass, understanding that in most cases it is a natural tendency that we have as human beings that we can become more conscious of and work with over time, so that we can arrive at a spirituality that serves others and fully feeds ourselves in our everyday lives.


Mark FormanMark Forman, PhD, is Clinical Director of Life Design Centre, an innovative psychotherapy studio dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals, families, and couples. A licensed psychologist, Mark has worked with clients from over 20 countries during the past decade in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Mark is also a leader in the integral community. Next year, he will begin leading a year-long Professional Certification Program in Integral Psychotherapy—the first program of its kind. Mark’s text – A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy – was published in 2010 by SUNY Press. He is also currently co-editing the first ever text on Integral and diversity issues. For more information, please visit

BAI Summer Soirée

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013
7:00pm – 10:00pm
830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (map)

Oops! We previously listed the wrong date for BAI’s Summer Soirée. The correct date is Wednesday, AUGUST 28. We apologize for the error.


It’s time once again for BAI’s Summer Soirée!

Our summer parties are a great way for the integral community in the Bay Area to connect for great conversation, great food, great music and dancing, and good old fashion fun.

This year we are delighted to offer a wonderful spread of delectable snacks and finger food from our friends at LaLime’s Restaurant, regarded by many as one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. Mmmm!

As usual, our party planner and hostess for the evening will be our very own Christina Sophie, mistress of second tier entertainments. Here, in her inimitable style, is her description of the party:

Shake your booty in all 4 quadrants! Talk talk talk… are Integralists all talk and no action? At BAI we know the “grand conversation” happens with our bodies and hearts as well as our minds! Churn those earth shaking insights into booty shaking embodiment at BAIs famous Summer Soiree! We know a thing or two about “We Space” around here, and we warmly invite you and all of your friends to merge your genius with the emergent field of conscious community we’ve been cultivating around here for a few years.”

Please join us for a good time — and bring a friend!

BAI Holiday Party!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

It’s Party Time!

We love Integral Theory but we’d be the first to admit it sometimes gets kind of wonky. So in the spirit of our motto – “pioneering the playground where integral culture evolves” – we’re putting on an event that’s all playground:

The Second Annual BAI Holiday Blast!

Here’s the holiday party you don’t have to steel yourself for, where the conversation is always interesting, and where you won’t be the biggest geek on the dancefloor!

Join us in bringing our WE space out of the lecture hall and into communion of the heart and body.  We regularly bring you opportunities to participate in the Grand Conversation, now we invite you to dip into the Cosmic Party. Because to not have a little fun is like a big insult to a universe that throws up cacophonous beauty at every turn, and tosses miracles about like confetti.

There will be music.

There will be delicious food, both super healthy and divinely decadent.

There will be dancing.

And yes, there will be Terry running around with a tingsha!

So please join us!  And bring a friend or two or more.

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