Jeff Carreira: The Future of Being Human



Jeff Carreira is a mystical philosopher and the author of numerous books including The Miracle of Meditation and Radial Inclusivity in addition to the recently released The Soul of a New Self. Jeff teaches and acts a spiritual mentor to people around the world inspiring them to become ambassadors of a new way of being.

During this evening presentation you will experience some of the paradigm bending insights contained in Jeff Carreira’s new book The Soul of a New Self. You will learn how our experience of reality is contained in our identity and how shifting our sense of self brings us into a new perception of reality.

Jeff has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher for nearly twenty five years. His latest book, The Soul of a New Self, synthesizes the insight and understanding of countless energetic awakenings and spiritual openings.

During this evening you will discover how life evolves through successive transformative leaps of selfhood. You will see that your own spiritual yearnings are the stirrings of a new organizing principle for life on this planet.

Take a journey into a vision of the future of being human that takes us beyond the experience of isolated consciousness into the realization that  we are an identifiable but non-separate part of an indivisible unity.

Jeff Carreira: The Future of Being Human

Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 to 9:30pm
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Pre-Registration: $20 regular, $12 senior/student/hardship
(Pre-registration ends 11:30pm the day before the event)

Day of Event: $25 regular, $15 senior/student/hardship
No one turned away for lack of funds

Volunteer Comp: A few available for this event; see the Volunteer page for details