Meditation Deep Dive

Saturday, June 6, 2015 was the final session of Meditation Deep Dive. BAI is deeply grateful to Jeff Bellsey and Christina Sophie for the profound and creative program they created, and to everyone in the BAI community (and beyond) who participated over the last two years. No replacement program is planned but we are open to working with other who are interested in creating Integrally informed practices for the Bay Area integral community. 

Meditation is proving to be one of the most profound ways to develop community. Not really a surprise, when you consider it is the premier awakening practice for individuals. Many people feel that meditation is a solitary pursuit, and yet anyone who has ever sat with a group knows how much deeper you can go.��What you may not know is that there is scientific evidence to suggest that the entire environment is positively affected by collective meditation.

You really can serve simply by being.

This monthly meditation mini-retreat is an event that can offer value in all quadrants!  (We are Integralists after all…)

In the upper quadrants, we know that meditation is simply good for you — it powerfully affects both your inner experience and your behavior. Full Stop. You know it. We know it.��Science, both spiritual and secular, proves it. Enough said.

In the lower quadrants, the “We Space” is where the benefits of meditation become exciting. We deepen more when we sit together. This is what gets us going at MDD, because it’s more than just talking about We Space.

Our final practice of each session is not a silent meditation, but a conversation. And not a normal conversation, but an extension of the exquisitely sweet, empty space we fertilize during silent practice. What happens when we open our mouths, speaking without rejecting or preferring? What happens when the inner culture of appreciation and equanimity is brought into our relationships?

It’s sometimes a challenging practice, but it’s always fresh, and it always helps bridge the private experience of meditation into the world of action and reaction.

“But it’s too long!”

Not a Dive goes by that someone doesn’t say that they cannot meditate this long on their own. The environment is utterly supportive, no matter how you think of yourself.

(And a special message for beginners: anyone who thinks of themselves as “advanced” or “expert” is probably doing it wrong. You’re not at any disadvantage. Promise.)

When we sit, we serve. ��

Our force of BEING (not just doing) can be a powerful agent of cultural change!

The MDD sangha has been discovering that our time in silence together has an unmistakable sweetness. It’s a quiet pleasure to be sure, but practicing together is nourishing in a way that, ironically, feels concrete. It’s a regular highlight of our busy lives, well worth devoting a few hours to.

Ok, so what do you actually do?

Our practice is designed thoughtfully, with each section building on the last. We start with an Ayurvedic movement practice, specially designed to open up your three bodies to prepare them for sitting.

We then explore multiple types of meditation. Each of these meditations is a practice that you might spend years developing. For our purposes, thirty minutes or so is enough, as we take a tour through different ways of training ourselves.

The final practice is the conversation described above. It bridges the private world of space, peace, and non-judgment with the far more challenging world of relationship and action.

We all know what can happen when a group of people combine their intentions and efforts on anything. Like dancers dancing in choreographed unison, or singers singing in harmony, when we practice together with intention and mutual support, good, true and beautiful things arise.




Christina Sophie, At a time when the world is on the verge of a radical mass shift in consciousness, Christina is passionately committed to serving the process of cultural evolution. She co-founded the WEpractice Community, an organization with groups across the country that investigates the awakened intersubjective field, collective spiritual practice, and conscious community. Integrating a broad spectrum of philosophical and technical training from both Eastern and Western traditions, she holds degrees in both Philosophy and Psychology, certifications in multiple bodywork modalities, and has been in private practice with individuals and couples for over 20 years with a focus on sexuality and spirituality. She is formally acknowledged as a teacher of Himalayan Tantra through Dr Rudolph Ballantine, and an avid student of Integral Theory. Her web site is

Jeff Bellsey has been meditating for 25 years. For most of those years, his practice was 20 hours on the mat every week, come spiritual rain or spiritual shine. In addition to leading meditations in various styles, he brings a fluid understanding of the natural developmental process that happens through the radically life-positive practice of letting go. Jeff studied with Andrew Cohen, Yogi Bhajan, and Zen Master Seung Sahn. His awakened passion is contagious; not just for meditation, but for the full-time practice of living an engaged, creative life, and of creating a culture of integrity. Jeff’s blog is, and his web design and technology business is Future Ground.