Trump and the Future: An Integral Community Gathering


trumpThe election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States is already a defining moment in US history. He vanquished 16 contenders on his way to the GOP nomination then slowly but surely closed the gap with Hillary Clinton in the final weeks of the campaign and pulled off a coup that has stunned the world.

Some of us saw it coming and some of us were caught by surprise. Regardless, the implications are staggering. The prospect of a significant regression in social evolution seems grimly real, with huge repercussions for the planet. Or is this one of evolution’s meanderings that will fertilize the ground for new emergence? Or both? Either way, the future is going to be different in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

We would like to offer a forum for the Integral community to come together at this time of uncertainty and deep concern for the future.

Trump and the Future:
An Integral Community Gathering

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists
Education Bldg., Connie Barber Room
1606 Bonita Ave., Berkeley
Tuesday, November 29, 7:30 to 9:30pm
By Donation

NOTE: The location and start time are different for this event.

This will not be an “event” in the usual sense. We see two main purposes for the gathering:

Support Each Other: Many of us are feeling various degrees of shock, anger, sadness, fear, etc. We need a collective hug! Not in shock? Maybe you can give a hug to someone who is!

What Happened? Nearly all the conventional political wisdom, and nearly all the polls, had Clinton winning. And many of us in the Integral community were seeing it the same way. Clearly, we were wrong. What did we miss? What did we misjudge? But even if you predicted a Trump win, there is still much to learn about the deeper evolutionary forces at play in these elections. The Integral perspective is an important tool in that process because it gives us a way to include literally everything.

We are organizing this gathering quickly so the program is still taking shape. We have invited some of the leaders of the Integral community in the Bay Area to offer (short) comments and to lead small group discussions, but the overall process will be dialogical.

Let’s come together to support each other and to begin to understand how we can best serve that which wants to happen through this evolutionary moment.