Bay Area Integral produces 20-30 educational and experiential events each year, all through the efforts of volunteers who donate their time to help promote the integral theory and practice. Volunteers plan and produce our events, create our marketing and promotion, keep our website updated, collect event fees and pay the bills. And along the way we have a lot of fun together!

Event Volunteers

We offer free admission plus our undying gratitude and hugs from the team for a few generous souls who are willing to help us with set up and breakdown at individual events. This is a great way to help if you have a limited amount of time you can give. Set-up tasks include setting out chairs, setting up snacks and tea, sound set-up, etc. Breakdown tasks include putting away chairs, snack and tea clean-up, etc. There may be some occasional tasks during the event but you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the whole event. You must be willing to help with both set-up and breakdown. You’ll need to arrive one hour┬ábefore the start time and be willing to stay up to 30 mins. after the event ends. If you’re interested, please email Cynthia Madix at cynthia4bai@gmail.com and let her know which upcoming event you’d like to help with.

Team Volunteers

If you’re interested in volunteering in an ongoing way there are many ways you can help, depending on your skills, interests and time available. Some examples include event planning and operation, event promotion and marketing, etc. To find out more, use the form below to contact us. Or talk to one of us at any of our events.